We're tightening the reins this year.

This year, we don't have a video asking people to donate the skits.

Instead, we're focusing on the awards themselves, as well as related video game content.

Our standards are still pretty low, but we want less "lel so randum XD" *holds up spork* and more interesting and relevant videos related to video games and/or the video game industry in 2013. Just like "gaming journalists!"

If you have something you think fits the bill, go ahead and submit it! It doesn't have to be super serious, just quality vidya content.

We have about a million voice actors on standby, so if you have a good idea but think your voice is shit, email us and we'll help you out.

Examples of quality content:

  • Talking about [game publisher] took a massive shit on [your favorite franchise]
  • Showcasing a game you thought was excellent but didn't get nominated for anything (because /v/ has shit taste)

When / where do I submit?

Send us an email at [email protected]. You can either attach the video to the email, or upload it somewhere like MediaFire or as an unlisted video on YouTube.

We're accepting videos for as long as possible, so you've got at least until the end of January.


  • Your video must be related to video games in some way.
  • There is no length restriction this year, but videos longer than a minute or two will need to be excellent to be included.
  • We're looking for original content, not videos that already have 10k views on YouTube.


  • 1080p is best, but we will accept any resolution down to 320p. Give us the highest you can.
  • Video game or video game related analysis is just what we're looking for.

What's in it for me?

  • We'll put your name and link to your YouTube channel in the credits if you want.
  • But really, there's nothing in it for you, apart from the smug satisfaction of being in the video.