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Doomguy Award

for best character

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Fed up of playing as gentle convicts and little girls in Telltale games based off successful comic books? Enter Bigby Wolf, the protagonist of the immensely popular Fables comic series and IDF poster child. You want to come to his community and start something? You're getting thrown out of a window. You want to give him lip? You're losing that arm. Bigby. Wolf.
Bigby Wolf
The Wolf Among Us
Clementine is all her own in the first entry of this second season. She's grown to be fairly proficient and tough as nails in the months after she parted ways with Lee. Suturing your own arm is no easy feat, and Clementine demonstrates her independence well in this episode.
The Walking Dead: Season 2
She may have had a wardrobe change, but that didn't stop Elizabeth from melting the hearts of even the most hardcore gamers. As a tagalong who actually helps the protagonist instead of hindering them, she quickly became a surprisingly enjoyable escort. Add-in her honest reactions, child-like playfulness, and full range of emotions and you have a character the player can't help but be emotionally attached to.
BioShock Infinite
Joel made some choices.
The Last of Us
He's an old man with a sense of humor, a citizen of his country before papers and passports mattered. But you're a border guard who has a family to feed and medicine to buy and strict orders to turn-away anyone without the exact stamp in the exact place. His jokes pull at your heart, and his smile warms your soul, but that doesn't make the decision any easier.
Jorji Costava
Papers, Please
Tired of playing second fiddle for his massively popular older brother, the devilishly handsome Green Machine stole the limelight for an entire year, gracing everyone with his often-overlooked talents. You don't need to read his diary to know that this younger brother is just as capable on his own.
The Year of Luigi
He was left for dead on the battlefields of Vietnam War II until a team of government scientists brought him back to life as a laser gun wielding cyborg commando. With the ability to bare hand hearts, flip the bird, and spit innuendo, he's the most badass character vidya has seen in years.
Rex "Power" Colt
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
The end boss to Metal Gear Rising you didn't know you wanted. How do you end a crazy ass game and story? With the Senator of Colorado. Senator Armstrong went completely off the rails, along with spitting out some seriously crazy shit, deluxe sized revelations to his motivations, even leading some players to side with him and his monstrously large arms. Don't fuck with this Senator.
Senator Armstrong
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Crazy, sociopathic, and sometimes even kind, Trevor Phillips maintains an aura that you never know what to make of. Grand Theft Auto 5 does an excellent job explaining his back story, showing his psychopathic ways, and even showing a bit of a friendly and sweet side.
Trevor Phillips
Grand Theft Auto V
For someone following the traits of nearly every Sentai hero in one way or the other, Wonder Red is surprisingly memorable. His backstory, not to spoil it, has an appeal, and most importantly, he's hammy without overplaying it.
Wonder Red
The Wonderful 101
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Doomguy Award

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