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Not in Another Castle Award

for a great sequel

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Rockstar decided the next the GTA game would not only revisit Los Santos but also feature three playable protagonists. Both of those gambles paid-off; the setting is a refreshing sprawl of the familiar and new, the characters are fully realized individuals with their own subtle play styles, and the core mechanics of the game are polished and tightened.
Grand Theft Auto V
Rockstar North
Taking a different approach to the gameplay, many fans had no idea how to take the idea of several different mansions with missions rather than one large mansion. Upon release, however, the game proved that it knew what it was doing. The game puts in a extraneous effort in creating as loyal of a sequel as it can, and succeeds rather amazingly in doing so. Year of Luigi, man.
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Next Level Games
Metro continues to do it right. Built from the ground up in favor of the stealth elements this time around, players can't help but feel more capable and more satisfied to be thrown into the grueling world of Metro once again. With the tension of combat and a healthy challenge, Metro: Last Light is everything Metro players look for and much much more.
Metro: Last Light
4A Games
Monster Girl Quest 3 did not disappoint at all when it comes to its third and final installment. The game was everything the fan base has come to expect: Great writing, amazing characters, a surprisingly fun RPG battle system, and fantastic monster porn that will leave your body battered, bruised, beaten, and possibly swallowed.
Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 3
Torotoro Resistance
After nearly five years, Dual Destinies is the return of the Ace Attorney, once again bringing its quirky charms, thrilling cases, godly music, and insane turnabouts. Even dipping into surprisingly darker story elements, this entry is a welcomed revival, and it hits on all the sixes in every department.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
Brimming with trademark Miyamoto charm, the Pikmin series returned to the Wii U after a nine year hiatus. Building from its predecessors, Pikmin 3 offers a unique, relaxing gameplay experience that has only improved with age. Some caves would have been nice, though.
Pikmin 3
Nintendo EAD and Monolith Soft
Game Freak ushered in the age of 3D (or 2D for only $129.99) with Pokémon X and Y, bringing everyone's favorite mobile cockfighting simulator to the 3DS. Major improvements such as more accessible breeding, integrated trading and battling, and the new Fairy type brought a much-needed spark to the series' tried and true mechanics.
Pokémon X and Y
Game Freak
Rayman Legends sticks with the NSMB-esque style of multiplayer and throws it in to a game with beautiful graphics, excellent platforming, tuned controls, and incredible level design. Packed with content, Rayman Legends proves Ubisoft is done messing around with the Rayman series, and is ready to buckle down and show what they've got.
Rayman Legends
Ubisoft Montpellier
Saints Row: The Third's attempt to be funnier and more serious than Saints Row 2 only made an average game feel schizophrenic at best. Saints Row IV finds a way to be a sequel to Saints Row 2 (gritty, quirky crime game) and Saints Row: The Third (wacky action game) at the same time. It takes the best from both games, blends them well, and brings the gameplay and story to new heights of insanity without breaking either.
Saints Row IV
Volition Deep Silver
The first mainline Shin Megami Tensei game to be released on a handheld console, SMT IV continues to deliver the classic demon-fusing, morality-exploring fun that fans have come to expect. With minor improvements such as full voice acting and a greater cast of demons, SMT IV is a solid addition to the series.
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Super Mario 3D World takes the best of 2011's 3D Land, removes the worst, and provides another great 3D Mario game. 3D World again opts for classic linear gameplay, which allows for great stage variety and challenge. A superb difficulty curve allows this game to be enjoyed by filthy casuals and /v/irgins alike.
Super Mario 3D World
Nintendo EAD Tokyo and 1-UP Studio
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