The 2013 Vidya Gaem Awards

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Shareholder's Award

for betraying your own industry

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We liked it better when you stapled yourself to tables... That was fun.
Adam Sessler
Social Justice Warrior
From terrible fanartist to terrible community manager, Dina has been a blight on the Mighty No. 9 community since its inception. Much like EA, when her incompetence became obvious, her recourse was to hide behind the flag of social justice, turning an issue of nepotism and being bad at your job into a political struggle.
Dina Abou Karam
Mighty No. 9 PR scandal
Are you really surprised? Everyone hates these fucks more and more each year. But at least they're 'LGBT council approved' two years running?
Three more years!
"Alright, Keighley. Just breathe, keep your demeanor. Let's... cover the games." . . . "Did Reggie just walk in the room."
Geoff Keighley
"Easy there, Joel. What would our corporate overlords think of us?"
No, Microsoft, just because you changed your mind about used games doesn't mean we want to buy your oversized, overpriced VCR.
Try out the new Kinect! It's not like you have anything to hide.
We're so good, we can sneak a fine print announcement about paid online for the coming console, amidst all the Xbox One clamor. And you'll STILL be cheering!
"Free" online? Quit being so entitled.
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The Awards

Most Hated Award

for most hated game of the year

Least Worst Award

for least worst game of the year

Press X To Win The Award

for worst gameplay

"Actually Kind of Fun" Award

for best gameplay

Fanfiction Award

for most atrocious writing

Reading Rainbow Award

for best writing

You're Waifu Award

for worst character

Doomguy Award

for best character

Blunder of the Year

for setting a new standard for failure

Not in Another Castle Award

for a great sequel

"We're Sorry®" Award

for most egregious technical problem

Hyperbole Award

for best trailer

Pixels Are Art Award

for most pretentious indie game

/v/irgin Award

for best new IP

4chan Pass Award

for biggest cashgrab

Golden Voice Award

for best voice acting performance

Challenger Award

for the worst console launch

Cranky Kong Award

for best soundtrack

Precipitation Award

for biggest emotional impact

IP Twist Award

for best new implementation of an old franchise

Plot & Backstory Award

for the best representation of women

Eye Candy Award

for best visual aesthetics

Shareholder's Award

for betraying your own industry

SammyClassicSonicFan Award

for least cancerous vidya personality

/v/ Grammy Award

for the best song from /v/ - The Musical